Omakase Experience

Drawing on years of tremendous experience our Sushi Chef is proud to provide our guests with a whole new sushi experience, Omakase.  The word Omakase means to entrust yourself to the Sushi Chef.

When you order your Omakase experience you will be presented with the freshest seasonal items that you might have never considered, as well as old favorites, presented in brand new and interesting ways.

Your Sushi Chef will showcase not only the freshest seasonal items, but the skills of putting together your dining experience.

Omakase gives your Sushi Chef an opportunity to express his creativity.

When you request your personal Omakase experience, this is the ultimate expression of trust to your Sushi Chef!

Creating an Omakase meal is the equivalent of creating a masterpiece in the art world to your Sushi Chef.  His goal is to create an experience that is memorable with his choices of ingredients and presentations.  Guests have been known to post their Omakase experience on Instagram and their Facebook page (# us please) !

Please request your Omakase experience on your next visit!